In this age, we leave a trail of digital data in everything we do: from viewing ads on our mobile devices to commenting on news articles online. It’s the same with businesses around the world: optimizing supply chains for last mile deliveries, obtaining feedback from customers’ reviews to improve products and services.


Many businesses fail to harness the power of big data despite the huge investment in data analytics.

Businesses which rush to join the bandwagon of data analytics without proper assessment of costs and benefits often end up investing a lot of money and time focussing on cosmetic changes to their operation.
More often than not, impactful business changes are common sense improvements that do not require extensive data analytics to confirm.

We help you assess whether it is worth setting up a full-fledged Data & Analytics function in your business to maximize your investment.

When businesses realise the need to build their Data & Analytics function, the right people are required to maintain and continuously develop this advantage.
Many practitioners are still grappling with Data & Analytics because the skill sets required are too new and change constantly. Often, the Data & Analytics function is relegated to a data custodianship role in a company with a focus on extracting and storing data (instead of analysing the data to develop business improvement models).


INVOKE predicted PH win in GE14 correctly

Invoke predicts Pakatan victory with strong showing in Peninsula

More than 17,500 PACA volunteers have signed up so far

Invoke volunteers helped create history on May 9

Opposition seeks to slay goliath with smarter campaigning

To predict GE14, these guys surveyed more than 100,000 Malaysian

Malaysia’s Opposition Has a Secret Weapon to Oust ‘Najib’

Pakatan Harapan’s successful campaign strategy, informed by data, powered by people.


We help you assess whether it makes business sense for your business to adopt artificial learning strategies like machine learning for your business improvement.

We audit your data infrastructure to assess data readiness and data integrity.

We design the whole analytics processes from data extraction, data processing, data analysis, development of machine learning algorithms and validation.

We connect the findings from analytics to your business, putting context to what data analytics tell you about your business.

We make sound recommendations to improve your business value, derived from predictive modelling of your business data.

Once your business implements the recommended improvements, we continue to analyse post-improvement data to validate the predictive modelling.

You can hire us to assist your business to implement your Data & Analytics function, or you can outsource a business improvement project that involves Data & Analytics to us.

We work on 2 business models.

You can get us onboard for free and collaborate on a business improvement project. We charge a 5% fee or RM50,000 (whichever is higher) on the value creation out of the business improvement project.

Or we can agree on a scope of work and we charge you based on agreed manhours of our personnel working on the project.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to find out how you can start your own business improvement project today.


We have proven to be the most accurate profiler of Malaysians’ political inclination. We were able to achieve a high level of profiling accuracy because we ran numerous simulations against several hundred predictors.

Profiling voters based on political inclination is the most difficult because respondents generally refuse to state their preference.

It is a lot easier to statistically model whether a person likes one brand of ice cream over the others.

We apply similar techniques that has helped us profile political inclination accurately to consumer profiling.

We test what kind of age brackets prefer an automobile brand over another. We profile fuel brand customers by ethnicity, income brackets, geographic locations and many other traits.

We know what type of consumers are most likely to switch from one telco operator to another so that the right defensive/offensive marketing campaigns can be targeted towards them.


Every month, we carry out consumer surveys to add data points to our evolving consumer profiling database. Our consumer database now profiles 20 million Malaysian consumers.

Your business can benefit in two ways:

Contact us today to do a bespoke survey to build a profile of your customer base, so that your sales and marketing plans tap into the right customer audience. Our survey starts from as low as RM20 per completed respondent.

Or, you can sign up to our Consumer Profiling subscription so that you keep abreast with consumer profile for your products/services segment.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to find out how you can benefit from our growing consumer profiling database.


Products and services are highly susceptible to netizens’ sentiment that change rapidly over a brief period.

Businesses now require additional strategies on top of marketing campaigns to build their brand. In today’s business environment, building brands require the ability to detect and analyse public sentiments over a range of issues that affect the brands.

Sentiment analysis help businesses discover opinions, emotions, and feelings about a product or service using natural language processing and text analysis. This helps organisations keep abreast with public sentiment over a diverse range of issues, so businesses can develop defensive or opportunistic interventions promptly.

INVOKE offers businesses an affordable service to tap into the highly crucial sentiment analysis capability.

We develop in-house scripts to extract large volumes of comments on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) on a daily basis, and run topic clustering models to detect public sentiment on key issues of the week.

We also run our own proprietary portal that matches public sentiment on key issues with real-time public interactivity. This allows us to test in-house hypotheses on various social – economic – political issues against prevailing public sentiment in real-time.

If you are a business owner, a public relations practitioner, a public official – or anything that is affected by what the public thinks of you – contact us today to find out how you can tap into our sentiment analysis engine.

You can gain insights into the minds of netizens over a range of issues and help your organisation track the prevailing sentiment at any time.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to find out how you can benefit from our proprietary sentiment analysis.


We are a market leader in polling and conducting nationwide surveys.

Since 2016, we have conducted 50+ nationwide surveys involving more than 500,000 Malaysians over the phone and social media platforms. We also provide polling services to international companies and universities.

We operate a fully-computerised Call Centre with 30 full-time call analysts trained in Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

We have the expertise to develop academic, political, social, commercial and consumer-based surveys to meet your requirements.

Our cost is one of the cheapest in the market and starts at RM20 per completed respondent. Cost per completed respondent depends on a variety of factors, including the length of the survey, the target audience and so on.

As businesses move closer to adopt data analytics, surveys become an extremely powerful tool to collect data and test hypothesis that allows you to make better business decisions.

Some unique and proprietary features of our Call Centre

All calls are recorded and uploaded immediately on a cloud server.

Call capacity using the computerised system is 300 calls per minute.

We practise strict quality control that requires survey supervisors to audit call agents’ recorded interview to ensure data integrity.

We operate an in-house “Interactive Voice Response” (IVR) system that allows us to make 10 million calls in a month.

We have a population of 20 million people who are randomly selected by the computerised system, depending on each survey’s requirement.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to start a survey now, from as low as RM20 per completed respondent.

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